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Best Drawing Tablets for Artists

As an artist, you may need a drawing tablet to enhance your hobby or professional work. We know that the markets filled up with different drawing tablets and becoming difficult for you to find one that suits your personal needs. Drawing tablets are available in different brand

Top 10 Best Laser Measuring Tool for Architects and Engineers

In this modern day, architects and engineers do not have to stress about the best way of taking measurements. They’re fortunate why because they do not have the need of using old-fashioned methods like a chalk line or using a stake. They have the latest technology available

Top 10 Architecture Magazines You Should Read

Top 10 Architecture Magazines you should read Practitioners, lecturers and students seeking informative articles coupled with breathtaking visuals only have to go online or turn the the pages of popular international publications featuring the finest contemporary architecture and interior design. With so many up and coming publications

Top 10 Best Colored Pencils for Sketching

Colored pencils make up an essential part of any artist and pupils’ life. Lying there with their pretty colors, you can make your imagination wild. They are used for drawing, coloring in, writing and a must have for all kids attending school. However, with the latest brands

Top 10 Best Industrial Design Schools in United States

Industrial Design Schools use the principles of craftsmanship and science to make items more viable, tasteful and safe. Graduates may look for some kind of work designing items, for example, autos and toys. These are the best schools in the USA for industrial design. Which school is

List of Interior Design Schools in Thailand

Thailand is a new, but an outstanding spot on the map of interior design hubs. Its characteristic style, inspired by national culture and eastern influences is gaining a world-wide recognition and a broad audience of staunch followers. Such a considerable success doesn’t come from nothing. As interior

Top 10 Architecture Firms in the World

With expansion and growth in Asia and parts of the Middle East, many architectural businesses have expanded their offices and have obtained more overseas clients. The Top 10 Architecture Firms in the World are: 1. AECOM (USA) AECOM was founded in 1990 and is celebrating its 25th

Top 10 Architecture Firms in Asia

Moshe Safdie was awarded the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Gold Medal in May 2015. In his acceptance speech, he expressed, “I want to remind us that making architecture is a collective act. Like grand opera, it takes a composer, libretto writer, conductor, chorus master, soloists and

Top 10 Best Industrial Design Schools In The World

Top 10 Best Industrial Design Schools In The World Review Industrial design is the application of design concepts to building products utilizing approaches of mass production. The important division from stress-free manufacturing is that the vital of product form occurs in the progress of physically building the

Top 10 Most Famous Works of Bill Bensley Architect

Raised in Southern California, Bill Bensley attained a scholarship and enrolled in Cal Poly Pomona’s Landscape Architectural Program. He won the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) top student in the USA Award and went to Harvard University. He attained a Masters Degree from Harvard in Architecture