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Top 10 Best Interior Design Schools In The World

Top 10 Interior Design Schools around the World, Interior design is one of the best courses in design that there is. It is amazing what knowledge can do to transform a space and make it breathtaking. This is what knowledge and skills in interior design do. We

Top 10 Best Industrial Design Schools In The World

Talent is not enough when it’s not tapped into. There are very many gifted individuals all over the world. All these talented people will always need a person that can take their time to develop their talents. That is where our top ten best industrial design schools

Top 10 Architecture Books Every Architecture Student Should Have

Educator and architect William R. Ware 150 years ago expressed, “Architecture is indeed very much like literature, not only because it has the same curiously ambiguous character as language, being partly a matter of history, partly of natural history; half a natural product, half a product of

Top 10 Best Architecture Schools in the World

There are a lot of developments happening all over the world. Cities develop day in day out and they are aesthetically appealing by the day. All the credit for all the beautiful and pleasing scenarios in every city partly goes to architects. No one can lie to