While measuring something especially distance then there are three important factors that one should consider for getting the right measurement, for sure accuracy is on top of this list after that both convince as well as speed takes the same rank in this list. Well, traditional measuring tools are surely an important aspect of architectural engineering, but one cannot deny the fact these conventional tools lack on the last two aspects to a great extent such as laser measuring.

What if we told you that there are better measuring tools available in the market that aren’t only highly accurate but in addition to that they are convenient to use and can obtain the required reading in a very short interval of time. For sure you would love to have such measuring tools in your toolbox.

In order to help you in your search, we have compiled a list of best laser tape measures available in the market.

Best Laser Measuring Tool for Architectures Engineer Interior Designers or Surveyor

1. Bosh GLM30

Bosh GLM30 - Laser Measuring

Bosh is a well-known brand in tools manufacturing industry and as expected there laser measure tool is as good as one can get and expect from such a reputed brand. If you are looking for a laser measure tool that is not only accurate but also easily affordable, then you should consider buying this great product without any further delay to enjoy the benefits of using an accurate laser measure tool.

  • Have backlit display that makes reading the obtained data easier
  • Gives accurate data over a distance of 100 feet
  • Comes with 2-year warranty

2. Fluke 414D

 Fluke 414D - Laser Measuring

This device can give highly accurate and rapid measurements that too from far distances, this very laser measure option also contains audible buttons and is loaded with every modern feature that one can expect in a high-end measure tool. It will take a little time to be familiar with the controls, but after some time, you will be able to measure everything from volume, to area, to length, to angle of a corner quickly and accurately.

  • Is designed for professional use
  • Is highly durable
  • Contains built in compass
  • Have long battery life

3. Leica DISTO D2

Leica DISTO D2 - Laser Measuring

This is one of the most advanced and highly accurate laser measure tools in this list. You will be shocked to know that this very laser measure can conveniently transfer the taken measurement to the connected device with Bluetooth in no time. In addition to this, there are tons of other features in this option one of which is that it can store around ten measurement data in its memory.

  • Have a bright white display for easy reading
  • Contains Pythagoras function
  • Has a 330-foot measuring range

4. Hammerhead HLMT

Hammerhead HLMT - Laser Measuring

This laser measure is of very small size and can be easily carried in a pocket. In addition to that, it is also rechargeable as t features a lithium-ion battery that can recharge with the micro USB port. It is an ideal option for use in interior decoration, real estate appraisals and home remodeling tasks.

  • Data on screen is easy to read in any lighting
  • Have rubberized gripping surface for easy and better grip on the tool while using it

5. Bosch GLR825

 Bosch GLR825 - Laser Measuring

It is one of the best laser measures available in the market for most accurate and longest distance measurement available in the market. In addition to all the advanced features, it also comes with unique modes such as multi-surface area mode that allows one to calculate the area of several surfaces and eleven measurement mode.

  • Can measure up to 800 feet
  • Has memory capacity to store around 30 readings or results

6. Stanley STHT77343 TLM99s 

Stanley STHT77343 TLM99s - Laser Measuring

With its capability to measure accurately and long range, one cannot deny this is one of the best laser measure options available in the market. The functions and the advanced features that it is loaded in it makes it one of the best laser measure tool.

  • Can measure with 100 feet and accuracy of +/- 3/32″ (2mm)
  • Have four measurement modes length, volume, area and continuous.

7. Suaoki S9

Suaoki S9 - Laser Measuring

This very device comes with dual built in levels and is claimed to measure up to 200 feet accurately. If you are in search of a great and affordable laser measure tool for household use, then this very device can come in handy.

  • Comes with a nylon carrying bag
  • Have solid rubber casing that offers better grip over the tool

8. DeWalt DW03050

DeWalt DW03050 - Laser Measuring

This laser measure is toughest and has better capability to perform in rough conditions than other laser measures included in this list. This durable device can even work and give accurate readings in wet condition.

  • Have two line backlit display
  • Can store last five readings
  • Is water and debris resistant

9. EASTVALLEY Laser Measure

 EASTVALLEY Laser Measure - Laser Measuring

This is one of the most accurate and lightweight laser measuring too in the range of 328 Feet models. In order to locate the target quickly and for giving the accurate results it measures continuously. The only drawback that we noticed in this model was with its screen as it gets a bit harder to see the reading on the screen in daylight

  • Contains holster with belt hook
  • Can mount on a tripod
  • Is lightweight

10. Dbpower S2

Dbpower S2 - Laser Measuring

If you are looking for laser measuring tool at an affordable price and of durable built loaded with all the necessary features for domestic use, then this is the best option for you that will give you the best customer satisfaction at the end of the day. This laser measure can accurately measure distance up to 197 feet and comes with soft rubber grip case that protects this tool. You can easily measure border and corners in no time after spending some time with this device.

  • Dust and waterproof
  • Have a lightweight built
  • Easy to carry


Finding the right laser measuring tool can be a difficult task especially if you have heard about the existence of such measuring tools. You can find the best and easily affordable laser measures in the above list. Forgetting the best deals try to find the review of other users and carry out detailed on the selected product.

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