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Top 10 Best Laser Measuring Tool for Architects and Engineers

While measuring something especially distance then there are three important factors that one should consider for getting the right measurement, for sure accuracy is on top of this list after that both convince as well as speed takes the same rank in this list. Well, traditional measuring

List of Architecture School in Florida

There is no doubt in the fact that a career in architectural field is full of opportunities, but one should know that competition in this field is too high. A career in this field is both challenging and demands technical as well as creative education that can

List of Architecture School in California

If you are interested in becoming architecture or choosing the field of architecture then the most important question bugging you will be “what all architecture schools are good in California?”. For sure you must have a desire to enroll yourself in one of the best architecture school

Top 10 Best Architecture School in Texas in 2017

When deciding to pursue a career in the field of architecture, simply deciding this field of choice isn’t the only step. The main hurdle that decides whether you will be a failure in your life or achieve the best out of your talent and decision is the

Top 10 Architecture Schools in Japan

Japanese architects highly regard their natural environment. They masterfully utilize light to effectively enhance their architectural designs. Natural materials are interwoven, generating a harmonious intermixture of structural building and landscape. There are several Japanese architects who are world renowned such as Kenzō Tange, the winner of the

Top 10 Architecture Magazines You Should Read

Top 10 Architecture Magazines you should read Practitioners, lecturers and students seeking informative articles coupled with breathtaking visuals only have to go online or turn the the pages of popular international publications featuring the finest contemporary architecture and interior design. With so many up and coming publications

Top 10 Architecture Firms in the World

With expansion and growth in Asia and parts of the Middle East, many architectural businesses have expanded their offices and have obtained more overseas clients. The Top 10 Architecture Firms in the World are: 1. AECOM (USA) AECOM was founded in 1990 and is celebrating its 25th

Top 10 Architecture Firms in Asia

Moshe Safdie was awarded the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Gold Medal in May 2015. In his acceptance speech, he expressed, “I want to remind us that making architecture is a collective act. Like grand opera, it takes a composer, libretto writer, conductor, chorus master, soloists and

Top 10 Most Famous Works of Bill Bensley Architect

Raised in Southern California, Bill Bensley attained a scholarship and enrolled in Cal Poly Pomona’s Landscape Architectural Program. He won the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) top student in the USA Award and went to Harvard University. He attained a Masters Degree from Harvard in Architecture

Top 10 Most Famous Classic Architecture You Should Visit

Classical architecture has always been a source of inspiration. Architects of public buildings and important institutions display this type of style in their neoclassical designs. However, the original classic structures exemplify the greatness and fortitude of that era. The Top 10 Most Famous Classic Architecture you should