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Top 10 Best Laser Measuring Tool for Architects and Engineers

While measuring something especially distance then there are three important factors that one should consider for getting the right measurement, for sure accuracy is on top of this list after that both convince as well as speed takes the same rank in this list. Well, traditional measuring

List of Interior Design Schools in New York City NYC

Interior design schools are a very much sought after course by students as it offers a rewarding career. Best interior design schools or industrial design schools help students to develop sophisticated technical and creative skills that are very much needed to design interior environments since it should

Top 10 Best Interior Design Schools In The World

Top 10 Interior Design Schools around the World, Interior design is one of the best courses in design that there is. It is amazing what knowledge can do to transform a space and make it breathtaking. This is what knowledge and skills in interior design do. We

List of Interior Design Schools in Thailand

Thailand is a new, but an outstanding spot on the map of interior design hubs. Its characteristic style, inspired by national culture and eastern influences is gaining a world-wide recognition and a broad audience of staunch followers. Such a considerable success doesn’t come from nothing. As interior

Top 10 Architecture Firms in Asia

Moshe Safdie was awarded the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Gold Medal in May 2015. In his acceptance speech, he expressed, “I want to remind us that making architecture is a collective act. Like grand opera, it takes a composer, libretto writer, conductor, chorus master, soloists and

Top 10 Most Famous Works of Bill Bensley Architect

Raised in Southern California, Bill Bensley attained a scholarship and enrolled in Cal Poly Pomona’s Landscape Architectural Program. He won the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) top student in the USA Award and went to Harvard University. He attained a Masters Degree from Harvard in Architecture

Top 10 Best Interior Design Firm in the World

The interior designing sector is worth over 10 billion dollars and utilizes more than 100,000 designers and 95,000 organizations. Patterns demonstrate the main three rooms of a home to design are the kitchen, washroom, and family room. Florida is known for lodging the most interior designing firms,